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Baby Distractor : Finger Paint

Friend's son messing around with Finger Paint, our first app in the Baby Distractor series. Available now for both Android and iOS! Android:

Happy Fingers App Review

Dial and send SMS text messages from your WiFi connected Windows computer. Quickly transfer notes and images*** using the simple copy & paste function Synchronize your iPhone contacts to HappyFinge...


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Hippo Peppa Finger Family Song - Android gameplay Movie apps free kids best top TV

Finger Family Song Peppa Nursery Rhymes Google Play Download More Videos:

Ipad App Review- Singing Fingers

New Project.

The finger family - zoo infantil app review

review G-play APP: -- juegos prescolared (actividades educativas)

NEW! THE FARM ANIMALS PUZZLE APP – download for Android ▻ and iOS ▻ Welcome Brush Your Teeth collection – healthy habits songs and...

Easy Song Studio feat. Micky Green - Android

A great app to learn English vocabulary and sing along with Micky Green. Designed by award-winnig app developer Edoki, Easy Song Studio can be enjoyed by the whole family. Available on Android...

Letterland Rainbow Writing App for iOS and Android

Children can use this simple tool to learn to from the letters correctly and recognise both lowercase and uppercase versions of all 26 letters. Ask children to trace over the hollow letters...

Jay Silver Singing Fingers

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